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Offering global animation / vfx studio consulting services and support. Drawing from over 25 years of extensive international experience on multiple levels of production, ranging from traditional, CG, hybrid animation, and VFX content.


I began my animation career in 1992 working as a PA and an artist in a small animation studio in Paris, France.  As an "American in Paris", I learned the broad art of making cartoons from the bottom to Creative Executive in Charge of Production for Dargaud / Marina Production​, ultimately overseeing all co-produced international animated productions for all of the major French television channels.


Since returning to my native Los Angeles in 2000, I have had very diverse studio experiences. Developing the inception of the Nickelodeon CG division and producing ambitious VFX for film and television. Heading up Production for Universal Television & Animation, and Klasky Csupo’s award-winning commercial division. I co-founded a CG Animation Studio for MTV and founded and produced for the Los Angeles division French studio for Gaumont International Television / Netflix. I was the consulting Executive Producer for Film Roman’s Los Angeles / Mexico studio partnership, and served as the VFX Line Producer for the largest budget Indian film to date. Most recently I consulted for Nickelodeon Animation Studios as their first ever outside studio consultant based in Paris.


My passion for animation based on my vast experience has given me the ability to provide objective executive studio support maximizing production results and respecting the integrity of the creative production process as a whole. I thrive on collaborating with different cultures and studios. I have worked all over the US, Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico. I have EU citizenship and speak fluent French.


I look forward to hearing from you.   

Michaela Hart      Linked 



Why use a production consultant? 

— Time is money. Effective scheduling to ensure no resources are wasted. 


— Improve team productivity and internal communication.


— Coach employees to analyze production problems and teach them strategies to problem solve in real time. 


— Implement assessment based tools to get backlogged productions back on track.


— Define the studio’s mission, goals and objectives to prep the company for it's future and create a sustainable business model.


— Instant connection to Michaela’s vast network of colleagues, who can provide expert opinion to meet production needs.


— A clear and unbiased contribution of fresh, new ideas with objective opinion and results-oriented focus.

Advisory Team

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Chris Jenkins

Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter and Animation Director


Raul Garcia

Academy Award Nominated Animation Director, Filmmaker, Executive Producer, 2D and 3D Animator 


Jodi Smith

Emmy Nominated Writer, Producer and Executive

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